Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zander Update

Some of you know, our little Zander man is still not walking yet, and has mastered his scooting technique. He can even get up and down stairs (closely supervised) on his hiney. It is pretty entertaining. The orthopaedic surgeon scheduled an MRI for last Friday and we saw the dr. on Monday of this week. The MRI was of his spine and is looked really good. Which is great news, except we still don't know why he isn't walking at 19 months. The ortho is not worried and thinks that with some physical therapy he will be fine. So we enter the world of PT. We have been warned by both the ortho and our pediatrician that we can easily be sucked into doing several different therapies every week, and they could make very little difference. Almost like when you go to the dentist to get a simple cleaning and before you know it you have been talked into spending thousands on veneers and tooth whitening kits. I mean, really!! What is necessary! While I have tons (well, a normal amount for a 21 week along pregnant woman) of energy now, I won't have all the time in the world when the baby gets here to be in therapy all week. Lets just hope the therapists are miracle workers and we only need 3 months of help!!

He finally learned to sit up on his own in his bed, which is great, except now he fights sleep more. Yesterday was dramatic. After letting him scream for 30 minutes, i went in to check the silence. I found him asleep, hunched over. Had to take a picture! Well, my camara/computer is being lame right now so I will have to post later.

He is talking quite a bit, too. His favorite words are oh no, uh oh, NO!, dog, what's that? here I am, and others. He will say thank you SOMETIMES, when we don't prompt him. We are working on 'love you' now, as well as 'thank you.' Two importants, i think!!

Girl Scout Cookies

I was sad to see this morning our supply of GS cookies is running low. And I think they are done selling them for the year. . . whine. HOWEVER- today while perusing the lovely world of blogging, I ran across a lady who figured out the recipes for some of our favorites!! I am SOO thrilled!! I am very tempted to try one of these recipes, like, right now, but need a few ingredients. I think I am going to make the Samoas tomorrow, as a suprise for Chris. They are by far his very favorite, and will totally dig them! Here is the site. Enjoy!