Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Due Date

I went and had an ultrasound this morning and found out I am 13 weeks pregnant! We have a due date of August 2nd. I am HOPING that once my Dr. sees this info he will disagree with the tech and say I am due a few weeks earlier. Then again, as long as its not PAST Aug 2nd, I will be ok. We just don't want the baby to come too close to Zanders birthday. I know, I am a total fanatic about my kids birthdays. I can't help it!! plus, have you seen Augusts birthstone?? PUKE!! If I would have planned it better, all my kids would have been born in April and October, so my mothers ring would be diamonds and pink stones. Perfect! September is Saphire, which is really pretty too.

I have a really cute ultrasound pic, where you can see the baby's face really well. I will scan it in and post it later. Right now Zander is fussing at me. He has ANOTHER cold and is getting wheezy. GREAT. The lovely life of a MOMMY!! I love it!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is just too funny and too cute not to post. Last week Zander Man fell asleep in his highchair TWICE in the same day! He had never, to this point, even gotten sleepy while eating. Chris was home that day and we just cracked up the first time, and laughed very hard the second! Here are the pictures:

The Second Time

Anyone teaching bloging lessons???

SO, as Amy and Tammie commented, the recipes are NOT in the post, like I thought. I THOUGHT i was adding a link to the sites where the recipes are, but obviously not. Any tips?? Until I figure it out, the Oreo Fudge (actually called cookies and cream fudge, you know, copywrite laws), and comes from, the Nestle/Carnation website. The English Toffee recipe comes from Paula Dean on Food

Hope you all enjoy them!!


While I am here, my mom sent me an e-mail with a ton of links to crock pot recipes. I obviously don't know how to put the links in an e-mail, but if you want, I will send the e-mail, just e-mail me your address, or post it in a comment.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I was tagged!

Thanks Tammie, for tagging me!!

8 Favorite Shows:
1. Grey's Annatomy
2. Bones
3. House
4. Jon & Kate Plus 8
5. The View (sometimes)
6. Ace of Cakes
7. Chuck

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to the store
2. Forgot to take Zander to get a shot
3. Took a nap
4. Did Laundry
5. Ate
6. Picked up Zander's toys
7. Fed Zander
8. Made Dinner

8 Things I Look Forward to:

1. Finding out how far the heck along I am!!!
2. Finding out if I can start going crazy with the PINK!!
3. Going out with Friends
4. A clean house. Why can't we really have house fairies???
5. Zander taking his first step
6. Many more babies
7. A little trip to see family in Febuary
8. Seeing long lost friends again

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1.Claim Jumper
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. Red Robin
4. Pizza Factory
5. Steer N Stein
6. Johnny Carino's
7. PF Changs
8. Del Taco

8 Things on My Wish list:
1. A Healthy baby to arrive in early to mid July
2. More energy
3. A housekeeper, or a bunch of older kids to do the job. . Ha HA HA!
4. Zander would start walking before we have to put him through lots of tests
5. That Jeannette heals soon from her trials
6. That those who are struggling financially will be blessed for their faithfullness and perserverence
7. That the Winco by us wasn't so ghetto. . . I am considering going to AV.
8. That I was caught up on my scrapbooking. (Good One, Tammie!!!)

8 People I Tag:
2. Amy H.
3 Shannon V.
4. Ceri
5. Michelle S.
6. I Don't really have any more blogger friends. . .
7. How
8. Depressing

Ahh, the mess is clean. Sort of. . .

So I managed to make my mess of cords all neat again, and found, in turn, the magical camera cord. Yeah! here are a few things I have been up to lately.

First off, here is one of my favorite treats. Chris and love to make candies and sweets during Christmas and this year we made Oreo Fudge, Toffee, and Haystacks. Here is the link to the fudge.

Here is a picture of the stuff I made:

Here is the English Toffee Chris made.

And here is the recipe. Thanks Paula!

My parents, actually, my Dad more, make toffee every year for Christmas. The recipe wasn't very definite in the amounts of ingredients so we went elsewhere. They were both great!!

And the last one, the haystacks, well, Chris won't let that recipe out. I know many of you may have made them, and have your own recipe, but this is one from his Grandma in Ohio and he doesn't like to share family recipes. What a brat!! Just kidding babe. Enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well. . .

I was going to post some pictures of some funny things, recipes, stories, and such, but I cannot find the usb cord for my camara!!! I just took a picture to explain my predicament, but then soon realized, duh, how can I post a picture of the MESS of cords that is entraping my special cord, if I can find the darn cord! Here is the deal: We have lots of 'gadgets'. palm pilots, cell phones x10 (all old) computer components, things with ear phones, etc. They all have several different cords and they all end up in a tangled mess on my desk. I have taken some time to rubber-band each cord together, but not all have made it that far.

AND WHY does MY camara have to have a special cord any way?!?!!? Why cant it be the same as the others???? you know, usb one end, the little dented-rectangle shape on the end?? Oh well. I guess I will get back to my cord clean up. And Zander is starting to wine and the phone is ringing. Beter go. Here is to a better morning!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SUCH a Slacker!

I know, Christmas was over 2 weeks ago and I STILL Haven't changed my blog. Things have been crazy!! We had a great Christmas, visiting with both sides of the family. Chris got a GPS, which we have had fun playing with, and I was given Guitar hero. I am such a dork, but I LOVE THIS GAME! I am NOT a video game person, that's Chris' department, but I love playing this. Especially with Chris, although he drives me crazy because he can already play on medium difficulty, and I am barely making it on Easy. Oh well. I Must practice!

We went to Vegas for New Years. My aunts and uncles and cousins on my mom's side still like to get together for the holidays, and instead of trying to get everyone together before Christmas this year, my Brillant cousin Brandi suggested we meet up in Vegas. Her family, mom, and brothers, all live there, so a third of the group didn't have to travel. Although not everyone could be there this year, we had a great time. We also spent some time with Jeannette and her family. They are going through a very difficult time right now with their unborn baby, and I think (hope) we were a positive distraction. It was nice to get away and just chill for about a week. Zander LOVED hanging out with all the kids, even when they were acting like monkeys at 1 am in the morning and waking him up!! Just teasing- I am grateful for their fun, spunky personalities. They all make me LAUGH!!

So I have a few new recipes I want to post on here, along with some little ditty's I did over the hollidays. I just need to upload my pics off my camara. It takes forever, for some reason, so I am really bad about doing it.

On another note, we are going to have another baby!! We have suspected we (well, I really,) were pregnant for a little while but the test confirmed it on December 9th. Funny story= I think I should have made this another post= I hadn't been feeling well for a few weeks, when I decided to take a test. I took it first thing in the morning, but only a line came up. The last batch of preg tests required a plus sign for a positive result. I threw it in the trash and went about my day. I was cooking dinner when I started to feel so nausous, like I was pregnat! I had a nagging feeling, so I went and checked the test and looked at the instructions, and sure enough, only a line was needed for a positive result!! I started laughing so hard!! What a blonde! Chris was due home in about 5 minutes so I excidedly waited at the door for him. When He came in I told him the story and he just laughed. We were so exctied because we are ready for more babies! Zander has been such a joy and so much fun that we want more! Although, a few days after we found out he started getting an attitude. GRRRRR!! Oh well. We told our families at Christmas by opening a gift for Zander. I found a shirt that had a monkey on it with the words Big Brother. No one really got it until we pointed out what it said. My mom flipped, and cried a few times that day. She kind of likes babies. . . just a little. . . Everyone was very excited. We are the only ones out of our siblings who are having kids right now, so I guess its kind of our privledge of sharing our babies!

Enough Already!! I hope you all had a great New Years! Here is to a new year full of projects, new recipes and babies!!