Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Toilet paper, Toast, and Towels

Its been a while, and Zander has said/done some terribly cute things the last few days so I thought I would post. Yesterday I was in the office, on the computer, THINKING that Zander was watching Clifford, when I hear a faint "Ma Ma" coming from somewhere echo-y. I KNEW, as soon as I thought about it, where it was coming from. Our master bathroom is open to our room, except the toilet is in its own little area, with a door (thank goodness!). For some strange reason, Z loves to go in there! We put a door nob lock on it, but I had forgot to close it, so there he was, trapped in the toilet room. My biggest concern is the germs, and his touching everything, yuck. Never did I realize he was capable of THIS-

Yes dear readers, that is a WHOLE roll of tp, I know because I had just changed it at 2 am that morning!! He ran out of the bathroom as soon as I opened the door, but I made him come back so HE could pick it up, and so I could take a picture. He had put that hat on a while before, isn't he funny about his hats!?! So, our first toilet paper experience. Mommy has learned her lesson and BOTH bathrooms are shut!!

This morning I was searching for something for a snack for both of us and toast sounded so good. He was sitting in his high chair asking for more of something while the toast was toasting. I told him mommy was making him toast and he lifted his feet up, pointed to them and said 'toes?' I think he was a little confused, but I thought it was funny.

This morning I had a cup of water from last night on my nightstand and he grabbed it and of course it spilled on the night stand and the carpet. I told him to go get a towel and clean it up, not really thinking he knew what to do. I went to the linen closet and grabbed a towel for him and surprisingly, after I handed it to him, he went back in my room and sort of cleaned up the water!! What a cleaner! Then, the cutest part, I told him to go put it in the dirty clothes while I got ready. He came back in a few minutes later empty handed, we left for swim lessons, and I thought nothing else about it. I went to grab a towel for some other mess he made a little while ago and there was the wet towel in the closet! he had put it back where I got it! Not exactly the dirty clothes, but hey, he knew where it went! I think he might have inherited his fathers 'put it back where you found it cleanliness' attitude-YES!!!

Ah, I love my kid. We are very excited for this next baby to fill our hearts even more. Can there possibly be room?!?! I think so. . . 2-3 weeks and we will find out!